Purple Octopus Multiwash Prepaid Wash Card Terms and Conditions

Treat your Prepaid Wash Card like cash.

Defaced, mutilated, altered, lost or stolen Cards can be replaced, however this will incur a $20 administration fee.  Amount on card will be transferred to new card upon payment. Card value will not be refunded. Photographic ID must be provided to receive replacement card.

Prepaid Wash Cards are redeemable for automatic car wash services at the Purple Octopus Multiwash by simply presenting it for payment when making a car wash purchase through our laserwash payment station. Not redeemable for cash. Additional value may be added to Prepaid Wash Cards at anytime via our pay stations, or via our website, www.purpleoctopus.com.au. If adding value via website, please allow up to 24hours to value to be added to your washcard. You will be notified via email once the value has been added to your card.

Unused value remains on card and cannot be redeemed for cash. It is up to you to use the full value on the Pre Paid Wash Card. If purchase exceeds available Card balance, you may make up the difference with another payment method. Your are liable for all transactions on your Card except to which there has been fraud or negligence by us or any of our employees.

We reserve the right to change any terms contained in these Terms of Use at any time. Changes to Terms of Use will be available on the Purple Octopus Multiwash website. 

Contact the Purple Octopus Multiwash on (03) 8742 1121 if you have any reason to believe an error has occurred in relation to a Pre Paid Wash Card.

Please fill out below form to order a replacement prepaid wash card.

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