Welcome to the Purple Octopus K9000 Dog Wash!
You are in control of your dog's wash, select which functions suit you... A quick rinse, or a complete top to bottom clean.
As dog lover's, we have taken the time to consult with experts and provided an environment that will help your dog feel comfortable and secure during the washing process, which means less stress for them, and less for you.

$10 for 10 minutes washing and drying time. Only $1 a minute!



Our gentle shampoo, is a pH balanced soap free and hypoallergenic shampoo that leaves your pet looking, smelling and feeling good without drying their skin.

Simply rub your pup all over while applying the shampoo, they will love the warm water and a relaxing all over rub.  Mind their eyes!



Our rinse water is warmed to the perfect temperature for some puppy pampering, let your best mate kick back and enjoy the massage from the
multi-function rinse head.



Conditioning Rinse

Our Creme Conditioner moisturises freshens and adds gloss to any coat.
The result is a shiny, silky and manageable coat with a fresh, crisp apple fragrance. Specially selected natural ingredients include Chamomile.

Give a quick rinse with the rinse cycle to remove excess conditioner.


Flea and Tick Rinse

Our Flea and Tick Rinse kills fleas and lice in their tracks, keeping your best mate itch free.

Kills ticks including the paralysis tick and prevents attachment for up to 3 days on dogs and cats.



Our high or low speed dryer is gently warmed to help your pooch look their best after their wash.

If your pup doesn't like the vacuum at home however, they may not like our drying hose.  Don't worry we have towels on hand to dry your pup and keep them happy and relaxed.



We do ask you to kindly rinse down the tub with our fresh mint disinfectant rinse, to keep it clean and fresh for the next wash.

Our dog wash is cleaned out regularly and we aim to provide you and your dog with the most pleasant experience possible