Do yourself a favour and stop going to any other car/dog wash in the area. This one is absolutely fantastic!!! Everything works, and works well. The owner goes above and beyond to ensure every customer is happy (when he is on site) and they don’t skimp on anything, the car wash gives a great serving of product and loads of soap from the foam brush.

The dog wash is fantastic and does a great job washing my Border Collie who has a lot of hair during winter. Generous helpings of shampoo, conditioner and flea and tick treatment. Owner also gives out doggie treats to anyone who is washing their fur babies, with himself being a proud dog owner, (again if he is onsite) customer service really matters to him which is rare these days...

One very very very pleased customer!
Once you come here you won’t go anywhere else either, Trust me! :D
— Ryan (via Google)
Exceptional service, friendly and helpful. Great products, clean and available 24/7 (I am accustomed to a midnight wash). Definitely one of the better car washes in the area.
— Luke (via facebook)
11/10 for service. The owner is the nicest bloke and because of this its the only place I will take my jeep to be washed. Never have to wait all to long and easy to use equipment. Only bad thing I could say is that the owner isn’t there 24/7 but I suppose we can give him a break on that. Highly recommended.
— Catlan (via Facebook)
Great friendly service will definitely be back, our dogs winston and rhea loved the dog wash which is a nice calming area for them.
— Taryn (via Facebook)
Always go here to wash the cars. Now I also wash the dogs!! Such friendly staff with doggy treats and towels!!! Thanks so much
— Fawn (via Facebook)
Perfect day to finally take the car for a good clean.. Always come here for a car wash. Great site that is always staffed, and always go out of their way to make sure I’m happy. Customer service is impeccable here. Because of their great service, I try to respect them back and do the right things by them and other customers.. And they show their appreciation right back tenfold! Always going above and beyond for customers! Pretty sure any other major company could learn a thing or 2 from these guys! Smurfette & I hugely appreciate it!!
— Hayley (via Facebook)
Just tried the auto wash for the first time! Never been a fan of auto car wash but this one is highly recommended!
— Matt (via Facebook)
Old mate here is a great guy, so friendly and helpful, just gave us a free vacuum while we waited! Really impressed
— Nick (via Facebook)
Best Car Wash I’ve ever been too!
Staff are very friendly and always have a smile
— Sabrina (via Facebook)
Great setup..especially the dog wash is clean and very functional.
— Kathryn (via Facebook)
Definitely the best car wash around! Always leaves my car looking brand new. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! 10/10
Also the nicest staff going around !!
— Max (via Facebook)
The owner of this place could give a lot of people a lesson in customer service. He keeps the place extremely clean (helps if customers do their part too) and every time that I have been has always been helpful.

Little things like providing schmackos for people’s dogs, not rushing customers and a willingness to talk customers through how the equipment works.

There are eight vacuum points, four manual car wash bays, a laser wash and a dog wash.

Happy to leave a review as a thank you for the great level of service.
— Daniel (via Google)